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About Maine Woodworks

About Maine Woodworks


Why choose a coastal furniture company? Your cabin from summer camp. A family cottage with windows thrown open to the sea. The mountaintop view from a hike or a ski lift. A brick condo overlooking cobblestoned streets by the working waterfront. Bring your treasured photos and postcards into the Maine Woodworks showroom and see how our handcrafted furniture can capture all your Maine memories in pure color and comfort.


Why choose a Maine nonprofit? While any high-end furniture company can make good furniture, Maine Woodworks makes the world a better place. Our welcoming workforce thoughtfully and intentionally creates space for craftspeople with and without disabilities to share their talents and support themselves and their families.

Over 40% of our workers have disabilities, and we see every day how well a truly welcoming workplace can work. We invest in the infrastructure, training, and support needed to make our company accessible to all who want to help make our colorful painted furniture. We offer more than a living wage—we pay a thriving wage. And we dedicate a portion of our profits to strengthening our integrated workforce model and showing just how effective and impactful this way of working can really be.


Why choose a sustainable furniture company? A Maine-made furniture company should be good for Maine, and Maine Woodworks chooses to be a responsible steward of Maine’s natural resources. Just as we capture the many colors of our state in our painted cottage furniture, we also preserve Maine’s pristine landscapes by using only sustainably harvested, FSC-certified hardwoods and water-based, environmentally friendly finishes.

Browse our farmhouse and coastal cottage collections, visit our inclusive and welcoming showroom and wood shop, and choose your next piece of colorful painted furniture today.


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