Our beds are built to order by woodworkers and artisans at our woodshop in Saco, Maine. We use regionally sourced, sustainably harvested hardwood, composite panels that we custom mill, and environmentally friendly, low VOC paint. Standard beds come complete with headboard, footboard, side rails and support slats. Full, Queen and King sizes include center slat support. Side rails attach to the headboard and footboard with steel brackets that are easy to assemble. Box spring and mattress not included. All beds are also available as platform beds, which require a mattress only. Platform beds come with support slats and mattress decking. Full, Queen and King sizes include center slat support. All bed styles are available in headboard-only for all sizes. Daybeds come with support slats and mattress decking. Trundle and underbed storage options are also available.


Louisa Bed

cottage panel bed
shown in sugar

style #154
Twin: 44.5"w x 82.75"d x 42"h
Full: 60"w x 82.75"d x 48"h
Queen: 66"w x 87.75"d x 48"h
King: 82.5"w x 87.75"d x 48"h

August Bed

cottage storage bed
shown in sugar

style #CSB
Twin: 43.5"w x 80.75"d x 50.75"h
Full: 59"w x 80.75"d x 55.75"h
Queen: 65"w x 87.5"d x 55.75"h
King: 81.5"w x 87.5"d x 55.75"h

Lily Bed

Tapered Cottage Panel bed
shown in feather

style #158
Twin: 43.5"w x 81"d x 42"h
Full: 59"w x 81"d x 48"h
Queen: 65"w x 87"d x 48"h
King: 81.5"w x 87"d x 48"h


Celeste Bed

Arched Cannonball Panel Bed
shown in hammock

Style #156-A
TWIN: 43"w x 81.25"d x 48"h
FULL: 58.5"w x 81.25"d x 54"h
QUEEN: 64.5"w x 87.25"d x 54"h
KING: 81"w x 87.25"d x 54"h

Caroline Bed

Slat Bed
shown in surf's up

Style #152-sb
TWIN: 44.5"w x 82.75"d x 45.5"h
FULL: 60"w x 82.75"d x 51.5"h
QUEEN: 66"w x 87.75"d x 51.5"h
KING: 82.5"w x 87.75"d x 51.5"h

Ginger Bed

Cutout Bed
shown in sunny

Style #GB
TWIN: 42"w x 80.25"d x 47.625"h
FULL: 57.5"w x 80.25"d x 55.625"h
QUEEN: 63.5"w x 86.25"d x 55.625"h
KING: 80"w x 86.25"d x 55.625"h


Evelyn Bed

4-Post Bed
shown in holiday

Style #EPB
TWIN: 43"w x 81.25"d x 72"h
FULL: 58.5"w x 81.25"d x 78"h
QUEEN: 64.5"w x 87.25"d x 78"h
KING: 81"w x 87.25"d x 78"h

Bertie Bed

Bun Foot Bed
shown in sprig

Style #BF
TWIN: 43.5"w x 81.75"d x 47.75"h
FULL: 59"w x 81.75"d x 53.75"h
QUEEN: 65"w x 87.75"d x 53.75"h
KING: 81.5"w x 87.75"d x 53.75"h

Theo Bed

Platform Panel Bed
shown in sugar
style #LPP
Twin: 43"w x 81.25"d x 17.875"h
FULL: 58.5"w x 81.25"d x 17.875"h
QUEEN: 64.5"w x 87.25"d x 17.875"h
KING: 81"w x 87.25"d x 17.875"h



Underbed Storage

Louisa bed shown in daydream with low modesty footboard


Louisa Bed shown in daydream with full modesty footboard



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